We wept in the cradle in innocence,
We weep in the sunshine for it,
We run to the waves in passion,
We look towards the sea to find it,
Whats gone with age, we children deprived,
Live hypocritical lives,
Knowledge has robbed us of innocence,
For tell me, was it not better, to think Santa Claus will come?
To look up the chimney for an old man and not a child,
To sit on an uncle’s lap and not feel his hand on you?
To look at the cartoons and not the news?
Tell me one that has not mourned, or looked back,
At toddlers with a nostalgic eye,
Tell me one who could this deny,
Tell me one whose eyes love has not watered,
The warmest emotion, as they say, has not betrayed?
Name me that one person,
And I shall again, live in hope,
I shall again bask in knowledge and cherish it,
I shall again be happy about walking into the sunset.

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