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Sometimes, you are caught off guard in the midst of a seemingly monotonous life. One small event implicitly gives you perspective through a close reverberation in your life in the form of a sight, a dream or just an event, which could easily be ignored. If so, life continues at its tiresome pace without the hint of a change, but if noticed these events give you a positive boost.

Nature has since times immemorial been a strong driving force to much of mankind. The devotional Romantics gained much inspiration, and I an inconsequential human gained a glimpse of the same a few days ago. As my car slowly paced through the long yet monotonous path early morning, I could visualize another 14 hour schedule. Irritated as I was, after an about 70 hour long week already, I was at my impertinent best. With all this tumult within, without was not any better. A strong shower of rain started falling as we made our way through. I looked up, to almost blinding rain which was fluctuating in its intensity. Another excuse to rant, to complain, I was highly tired and exhausted mentally. What eluded me, was that the sun was still shining through from a distant Eastern corner of the sky, waging a lonely yet strong battle against the monstrous clouds. And as any elementary science student would know, what happened next was amazing. A light spectrum spread through the canvas of the sky, and welcomed one of the most beautiful mornings I have witnessed in this city till date. I was awestruck, and couldn’t help but smile at this brilliant scheme of Nature to teach me a lesson in gratitude. Wasn’t I being unfair to myself? Aren’t we all at some stage. My hectic schedule made me see the rain, which was exhaustion, and miss out on the rainbow, which was the taking the first most difficult step towards making my career? This brought me to a larger question.

Are we too busy cribbing about the rain and missing out on the rainbow? Why are we so scared to get wet, to test the limits, to run behind the foot of the rainbow? Why are we pulling a sorry face, when everything around us is taking us towards happiness? Why are we closing our windows to the showers? Why are we hiding the child beneath us? Are we all not, at the end of the day, searching for our part of the rainbow?