I am never coming back

I am never coming back to this place,
Its ugly face,
Its chilly mornings and sullen breeze,
The stares that make you freeze,
Never coming to these alleys,
Everyone thinks no one knows,
Where fear lingers and never goes,
Never coming to these secluded turns,
That give you solace between heart burns,
Never coming to those faint recollections,
Unknown streets with vague directions,
Never coming to those haunted silent nights,
To shivers down the spine, daily frights,
Never coming where I saw myself in the eye,
Among millions of faces going by,
Never coming to where I learned how to live,
Never coming to a place that doesnt forgive,
Never coming back to those familiar places,
Some smiling some loved yet unfamiliar faces,
Never coming to a place that stares at you shameless,
Ravages you, savages you and walks away blameless,
Never coming to this place that showed me so much reality,
That i clearly saw which of loved ones have gravity,
That taught me so much about trust,
That I gained the real people that everyone must,
Never coming to this place I so abhor,
That everyday I want it a little more…



i call myself an Indian out there,
but of who’s history i am highly unaware,
i am a patriot when it comes to the world cup,
but otherwise i just seem to have given up,
building a future on a present unstable,
and building it, by the way, from money below the table,
but just what have i done to make my nation proud?
i wish patriotism was just about shouting out loud!
about marching with flags and flogging the roads,
about walking slut walks and holding banner-ed boards,
i am the one who thinks i’ ll wipe my bribes of the past,
by sitting in protests and keeping a fast,
of what i am standing against, am i myself pure?
i might promise to be clean but am i myself sure?
have i got my license in the way that is right?
have i compromised to corruption or put up a fight?
i am calling myself far sighted, but am i not being blind?
trying to attack something publicly while its alive in my mind,
am i not being fake, being a hypocrite?
being guilty of it myself and calling the politician a brat?
don’ t think of me as hopeless, there might come a day,
when i’ ll accept i am not black or white but a shade of grey.
P.S.- this is not against anna hazare or any specific person. all due respect to the man for taking a stand against corruption. this is just against the total peripheral system surrounding this cause of which we cannot be sure. we don’ t know how many of them are non-corrupt themselves. im am staunchly against corruption but im against hypocrisy as well.

The Game Called Life.

its an age old game,
the players are the same,
i am staring death in the eye,
if he blinks the game goes on, if i blink i die,
all the while i live in fear,
everyday i lose someone dear,
the struggle to live is getting insane,
and you just keep trying to buy my pain?
you think i can ever get over, i can ever forget?
the wounds inflicted on me or the bruises i get?
despite my wounds i am still going strong,
while i see my “neighbors” cheering death on,
you applaud my spirit, but what could i have done?
for when it comes to choices i was given none!
between the choice to live and die, i chose to live,
and yet false sympathy is all u can give?
i smile at your shamelessness, laugh at your lies,
in the struggle to stay alive, i sleep with open eyes,
for i am raped in a car, bombed in a train,
crushed by a bus and hijacked in a plane,
i am the one crying at dead bodies, shouting empty pleas,
standing helpless at the window of your bulletproof SUV’s,
i am just the common man waiting for the ship to sink,
prepare your false condolences because i might just blink..

The Best Things in Life.

 in my thoughts i did just contemplate,
why do the best things in life have to wait?
why when we are playing life at its best,
comes a greater than our thoughts, unbeatable test?
and how when this tame heart is about to concede,
comes in us all the strength that we need?
when time strikes its worst and seconds are tough,
why is just a helping hand enough?
why sometimes we do not shed tears after a while?
why sometimes even pain makes us smile?
is not the strength that you needed all through,
hiding somewhere just within you?
why cant we accept the burden of our mistake?
and when things go wrong why do we blame fate?
is life not a result of the decisions you make?
and to gain something you have to put yourself at stake,
why do we always expect things to be right?
and how do circumstances become too big to fight?
life is all about creating the best with the worst,
life is all about striving endlessly to quench your thirst,
and all the best things in life do not have to wait,
work,labor,strive, go make your fate!


the moon seemed different in the night sky today,
its seemed that to me it had many things to say,
when i should have been asleep, i lay wide awake,
my throat tightening as if i would break,
i thought of the time i had spent in this place,
and memories started occurring at a slow pace,
i had cursed things and yet loved them in some way,
experienced joys and seen dismays,
i had loved my moms eyes when shed scold,
i had sipped up boiling coffees in days of cold,
i had made friends on the way and learned to forgive,
i had found so many new reasons to live,
i had learned what it is to love and what it is to lose,
i had met people simple and met people abstruse,
looking back on what i had i felt strangely joyed,
and found myself smiling at the things that had once annoyed,
and yet i knew from this place i would soon go apart,
and this painful feeling broke my little heart,
and before i knew a tear rolled down my cheek,
and amidst all the nostalgia i started feeling weak,
those friends and mates and places would soon become the past,
and it seems almost unfair that time has gone so fast,
and all those familiar faces will soon be gone,
and all that will be left are memories alone,
how will i then console,how will i then deny,
that all those familiar faces have already said goodbye….