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Mom, where is my doll?

Dolls, a woman’s first plaything,

I had one, and I am sure so did you,

Caring for her, a feeling so new,

She would be the solution to every tear,

I would cry and mother would push her near,

And then came by age and the doll was kept,

In a lonely corner while I silently wept,

I went into the world, a woman yes I was,

His eyes denuded me,

His sight disgraced,

And all this I silently faced,

And then nobody came to hear my call,

Dear mother, where is my doll?

I ran and cried,

As I was denied,

The dignity every life deserves,

Ravished by his acts,

Rubbished by their facts,

Told I was calling for it,

Told I was falling for it,

Nobody looked at me with earnest eyes, no one heard my call,

Mother, where is my doll?

You taught me fairy tales, din’t you,

Din’t you know life wasn’t going to be one,

Prince charming, there are none,

You gave me a doll and gave them a toy gun,

Now look mother what they have done,

Mother open that closet and look if it cries,

The doll that kept me happy with those pretty eyes,

Her purpose is lost,

Its a defeated battle,

Till the time you give me that doll.