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On roads not taken…


So, I will begin with the dragged to death question- what is the difference between a traveler and a tourist. I would say, familiarity and the approach towards it.

Tourists book a ticket, take a flight, pay insane amount of money for a hotel, watch the landmarks and memorials and come back home satisfied and a little less rich. Travelers, on the other hand, love the sense of being lost. Sometimes, the familiarity of everyday life scares you. When you know exactly what your day is going to be like, how you will react, what you will see, etc. It is then that you pick your bag, take a bus, pack your trekking shoes and get lost into the dim recesses of places not yet seen.

What excites us travelers, is the prospect of experiencing something so new, so brilliant, that no amount of money could buy it. In a place where you have no idea where the next turn might take you, you give up on the daily struggle of everyday life of searching for your identity. Instead, you occupy yourself with a task of placing yourself in the locus of surroundings. This is what we call adventure. Adventure is not doing something dangerous or life threatening, but it is doing something you have never done before, which gives you a thrill and a high enough to drag you for a while through a monotonous daily routine. And just when the familiarity starts to get on our nerves, we pick up our bags and head off in search of the roads not taken.